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    Das Boot - Trailer

    Views: 0 Added by: vladix002 vladix002 
    Entry description:

    Das Boot_______________________________Based on the 1973 novel by Lothar-Gunther Buchheim, this movie depicts the story of the German U-96 submarine or u-boat crew during WWII. As the new Lieutenant Werner discovers the life at sea, he discovers the harsh reality of the u-boat crew's life, to be constantly watching and avoiding enemy ships from above waters when they are severely outnumbered and gunned. He learns more about his crew and the captain compared to his mentality the captain does not like the Nazi party, to be forced into losing battles and little appreciation. Despite the wickedness of Nazi Germany, it can't be helped, but to emphasize with the crew that had no choice but to die.__________________Director: Wolfgang PetersenDas boot soundtrackSong titles:"Warten""Konvoi"

    Language: Русский
    Video runtime: 00:03:22
    Author: MrMofMs
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